calcium citrate chews

Calcium citrate chews | Bariatric Fusion  are a tasty way to get your daily dose of the good stuff. They come in many flavors and are made of a very bioavailable form of calcium that can be easily digested by the body.

One of the most common nutritional pitfalls for bariatric surgery patients is calcium deficiency, which may occur because of a reduction in stomach acid production and/or an increase in the size of the gastric pouch.

Thankfully, there are many supplements available to help you meet your calcium needs. These products have been vetted by medical experts to include the best and most effective ingredients for bone health, including vitamin D3 and calcium citrate.

How Bariatric Fusion’s Calcium Citrate Chews Can Help You Meet Your Daily Calcium Needs

Most people will be familiar with calcium citrate as it is the most popular form of calcium and is a very effective treatment for osteoporosis. This calcium supplement is also an important dietary component for pregnancy.

Great tastes, even better value: Choose from a selection of delicious flavors, including the watermelon, cherry and strawberry banana cream options. You will also love the ultra-smooth texture of this product.

Best of all, these soft chews are free from gmo and gluten, making them a smart choice for anyone with food sensitivities or allergies.

Most importantly, these chews deliver a healthy dose of the mighty vitamin D3 to boost your bone health. The best part is you can take these as a single serving or in divided doses throughout the day.

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