What Is an Escort?

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Unlike street prostitutes, escorts arrange meetings primarily over the phone and meet their clients at locations of their choosing. This makes them more discrete and provides a sense of security for the client. They generally charge a higher price and have greater discretion over who they work for. They also may be known as a b-girl, harlot, or hooker. Find out amoroushug.com

Whether a call girl is college educated and fluent in French, or a $5K-an-hour high-end hooker hired by politicians, CEOs and professional athletes, the service she provides is largely about sex. Married men sometimes report that they are able to discuss matters they would not discuss with their wives when meeting with a call girl, and single men often describe call girls as an easy alternative to a girlfriend, citing readily available sex and intimacy without the time commitment of a relationship.

I Think Short Term Relationships Are The Best Relationships

As with most sex workers, successful call girls are very cognizant of their clients’ desires, both expressed and unstated, and are adept at responding to them on short notice. Compared to street prostitutes, who are often forced into hurried sexual encounters, call girls are skilled at selling a fantasy, and sessions can last as long as the client wishes. They might include a quick erection, or more protracted sessions involving conversation, cuddling, leisurely lovemaking and extended role-playing scenes. Despite the different roles they play, some call girls report high levels of job satisfaction and enjoy the autonomy, high pay and feeling of empowerment offered by their business (Lucas, 2005).