hand crimper

If you have been working on a wood project, chances are that you have come across the term “hand crimper” or “stainless steel crimpers”. This tool is used for creating a very tight coil or spiral on the edge of a wood plank. A hand crimper can be used to create a crimped edge on the edges of a straight piece of wood. Designed for use with T-Style double sided structural strapping, this hand crimper creates a perfectly even and perfectly tight crimp to load into and begin a tensioned seam runner.

Choosing Hand Crimpers For Sale Your Way To Success

The stainless steel crimping tools can be single handed, double hand, or triple hand. The main differences in the types of tools include: single handed models have no maintenance needed; a double hand tool requires maintenance on both the cutting and straightening tools. A triple hand tool can be used in applications where more than one clamping tool is needed to complete the desired work. Each of these tools can also be adjusted to four different positions.

These crimpers for sale all have a patented, unique pressure equalization mechanism that applies equal pressure to both handles of the tool installed, eliminating tool handle breakage. Crimpers for sale include: Wye Pro crimping tools, Auto Crimper, CNC machine, Miter Sawzall, Dust Opener, Square Shaker, Shapershield, XLR, Square Shaper, Circle Shaper, and many more. We will modify up to two (2) of your existing machines, for no additional charge and have them back to you within three business days. You may contact us toll free at any time to discuss your crimping needs.

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