Netball Court Specialists

We are specialists in Tennis and Netball Court Specialists in Construction and Resurfacing and can create a bespoke surface to meet the demands of any facility or club. We can install a range of surfaces such as LOKFLORSA Surfaces and Tar Surfaces which are able to offer high levels of ball bounce and slip resistance that are ideal for netball and other multi-sports. These surfaces are available in a variety of colours to create a visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing facility that will be the envy of all visiting teams and players.

In a recent study, the physical profiles of state-level netball athletes were examined to understand their individual capacity across a broad range of netball-specific movements and skills. This is important to enable conditioning professionals to develop training programs that promote optimal performance whilst limiting injury risk.

The Ultimate Guide to Netball Court Construction

The categories used in this study (skills training, specialist-competition match-play and competition match-play) may not capture the full range of coach-prescribed on-court activities and thus limit the specificity of this analysis. In addition, the data is based on one elite netball team which may not represent all other elite netball teams.

Sports physical therapists working with community-level netballers should be aware of the potential for knee ligament injuries to occur during competition. Screening procedures can help prevent such injuries by identifying predisposed athletes who possess intrinsic risk factors for noncontact knee ligament injury. These individuals are then able to be targeted with appropriate injury prevention strategies prior to participating in a competitive situation.

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