PURVA PLOTS: The Making of a Masterpiece in Sanskrit” by Amish Tripathi is a charming novel about a middle-class family in contemporary India that lives in a small houseboat on the Arabian Sea. Devanahalli is a middle-aged woman who lives for the moment and has no interest in anything or anyone apart from her immediate family and close friends. Her only ambition is to see her beloved husband to return home from a brief venture into the West and to hold his precious wife in adoration. When her husband refuses to meet her at the train station to transport her back to her hometown, she takes matters into her own hands and sets sail for the new country in a dilapidated old fishing boat that belonged to her father. She is an accomplished seamstress and skilled wood worker and as luck would have it, she marries a wealthy man.

Experience The Magical Beauty Of Devanahalli With Purva Plots

The married couple sail to Sri Lanka where Devanahalli becomes immersed in the rich culture of the country and as she sojourns throughout the vast and intricate country, she comes into contact with a number of colorful characters and experiences. The novel delves deep into the internal conflicts of a woman’s mind and as such the plot is considered very psychological. The author rightly points out that art should not simply be confined within the boundaries of one’s home country and thus she includes a number of cultural references to add to the layers of richness that are effectively woven into the text. The illustrations accompanying the book are also commendable as they give a realistic look to what was a fairly imaginary world ten years ago.

The characters in the novel are charming and all are shown in a manner that makes them seem real and relatable. The plot is beautifully illustrated throughout and the characters are presented in a highly realistic way. The author has managed to create an engrossing and intricate story within a limited page size and as such the reader is never under any illusions regarding the content. Readers will find this novel very appealing and the idea of art viewing on a screen just as easy to comprehend as reading the written word. This makes Purva Plots an excellent addition to any art gallery or book collection.

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