A security guard, sometimes also referred to as a security officer, is an individual employed by a private or government entity to protect the hiring party’s property from a number of potential threats by enforcing security measures. These measures can include physical security such as securing doors and windows; electronically, such as installing security equipment in and around the premises; and procedural security such as monitoring visitors and recording license tags. Some security officers are involved in training and supervising personnel in specific fields such as bomb and chemical agents. When a security officer obtains a security guard certification, it is an indication that the individual meets specific standards of training and knowledge possessed by the licensing body. read more – ukcloseprotectionservices.co.uk

The Most Common Types of Security Guards

A typical patrol involves responding to a security threat by responding to the scene and investigating the situation. Security officers are often the first on the scene and have authority to make arrests if warranted. Security guards are typically called out for routine occurrences such as robbery or vandalism, but may also be called out at the request of law enforcement officials for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include investigating the grounds of a rental property after the tenant has been evicted or investigating the premises following the theft or loss of a significant amount of money. If security guards are called to investigate the grounds of a business following the theft of large sums of money or other items of great value, security guards will be required to wear a full uniform which includes:

Security officers are usually on paid holidays and are normally employed on a contract basis, which means that they are hired on a specific date and cannot be terminated prior to that date. On top of working full time jobs, security guards may need to take time off their regular job to complete the additional training required for a security guard certificate. Security officers must pass a number of tests in addition to successfully completing the training requirements for becoming a security officer. Once security officers successfully complete the additional training, they can apply for state certification, which will allow them to work independently in many states. In most states, security officers must be licensed through the security industry organization (ISCO) or the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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